warren-brand-coatings-consultantsMr. Brand, Principal of WBC, has been active within the corrosion and paint industry for more than 30 years. In that time he has worked in every capacity of what eventually would become his own coating company. He strategically steered his family’s coating company through a change in regulations that lead to the demise of 75% of the competition in 1998. He has specified the coating used in the tallest building in the world in Dubai, and developed a variety of successful businesses. Mr. Brand continually combines his research and writing skills (developed as a news reporter) with his MBA in Entrepreneurship, to view each project as new and unique. He is a contributing editor to the JPCL Magazine, writes several blogs, consults on international specifications, is a NACE 3 inspector, and SSPC PCS and donates his time to teaching martial arts and self defense to young men and woman at Northwestern University. He has used his decades of martial arts study and discipline to develop a humble yet direct and respectful manner of leadership as well as an ability to quickly identify root-issues.

Email: warren@wbrandconsulting.com