WBC understands that our success depends exclusively on yours. In order to achieve your success, we combine a culture of integrity and hard work and collaborate with our clients to develop strategic, implementable plans and clear, functional deliverables. The only way to build trust and respect is through open, honest and insightful communication. The best decisions are made collaboratively, in an environment that promotes free-thinking and open communication.

WBC has a broad range of in-house or organic expertise. Building on our culture of integrity and transparency, we recognize that organically, we cannot be all things to all clients. For that reason, we divide our services into Organic Competencies and Team Competencies.

Organic Competencies are those skills and services our current in-house staff possesses.

Team Competencies allow WBC to work with individually vetted, industry leaders in various fields to build and manage a team of hand-picked, highly professional and competent individuals for virtually any project.


1. Marketing (domestic and international)
2. Sales
3. Product Development
4. Project Management
5. Negotiating



1. Website design
2. Brand development
3. Intellectual Property Issues
4. Sourcing
5. Accounting
6. Interim management
7. Other…